Thursday, April 3, 2014

Get to the Pointe...Shoes for the Ballerina on a Budget

Who doesn't love a pair of fancy shoes?  I know I do and while I adore a beautiful pair of Louboutins, I also love finding an amazing deal on unique footwear.  Last week, a friend of mine showed me an adorable pair of flats she had purchased from  Obviously, I had to browse myself and that's when I found a pair of flats that needed to be mine.  I had been lusting after the nearly $500 version of these shoes for months and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a nearly identical pair for only $60!  So what are these designer dupes you ask?  They are the Audrey Brooke version of Chloe's Ballet Flats!  Shoe perfection for the ballerina on a budget!

These are the original $485 version from Chloe.  They can be purchased here.  These are made from leather and are available in black, gray, and pink.

BUT, if you want a deal, here's the $60 Audrey Brooke version from DSW!  Like the Chloe originals, these are made from leather and have soft, suede, padded in-soles.  In addition to black, gray, and blush options, DSW also offers a silver version.  

I will admit, I was nervous to see these shoes in person, but I am very pleased.  They're almost like wearing a pair of real ballet shoes, but are a step above your standard pair of flats. DSW sent me a coupon in the mail yesterday, so there's a chance I'll be adding the silver pair to my shoe collection soon! 

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